Adding gift recipients to your account

Add recipients individually at the point of purchase, upload a list at check-out, or plan ahead and add recipients to your account in advance from a CSV file

Adding recipients in advance is a great way to keep your contacts organized and ready for all your ongoing gifting campaigns.  

To add recipients to your account in advance of your send, visit the Recipients section of your account.

You can either import a list of contacts from a CSV file or add them individually by clicking "Create Recipient" and filling in their details.

Adding a single recipient to your account:

Adding recipients at the point of purchase:

If you don't plan on re-using recipients, or simply prefer to add contacts at the point of purchase you have three options. You can add contacts by typing their names and emails, you can select a saved group or you can upload a list (sample file supplied in your account). 

Adding individual recipients at check-out:


No matter what the case, we are here to help if you need any assistance when it comes to your recipients.   

Ready to get started? Download a sample spreadsheet.

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