Adding gift recipients to your account

Save recipients to your account in advance, or add them at them at the point of purchase

Adding recipients at the point of purchase:

If you don't plan on re-using recipients or prefer to add contacts at the point of purchase, you have three options:

  • Send to individuals: This option allows you to enter your recipients' names and email addresses one at a time on the checkout screen.
  • Send to a saved group: This option allows you to select a pre-existing group of recipients in your account. 
  • Send to an uploaded list: This option allows you to upload a .csv or .xls file. The .csv file only requires a column for email addresses and a header row. If needed, include a separate row for denominations. Download the template here.

Adding individual recipients at check-out:

Saving recipients to your account:

Adding recipients before your send is a great way to keep your contacts organized and ready for your ongoing gifting campaigns.  You must also do this if you plan to send to a group

To add recipients to your account before you send, you can visit the Recipients section of your account.

You can import a list of contacts from a file or add them individually by clicking "Create Recipient" and filling in their details.

Adding a single recipient to your account:

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