Using SSO (single sign on) to access our Giftogram accounts

If your company prefers to sign in using SSO, we offer a solution to manage this secure login method

Yes! Giftogram currently offers solutions for SSO users. 

Giftogram will request/exchange the necessary configuration information to setup for a SAMLv2 or OpenID Connect (OIDC) service provider to our customer's Identity Provider. We will complete the setup on our side and also determine if you would like the log in to be restricted to just SSO or if you would also like users to be able to log in with a username and password. Each set-up is unique and will require an IT specialist to connect with a member of our team.

What is SSO you may ask?

SSO is an authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications after only signing in once. Set-up is custom and can be accommodated by our team upon request.