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Customizing the redemption experience

Giftogram offers additional personalization options for your Giftogram redemption experience upon request

Customize the code entry page and storefront banner to seamlessly match your campaign’s creative. Add your company name to the experience as well.  Talk to one of our team members to learn more!  

Customization Options: 

1. Choose a unique redemption URL: redeem.giftogram.com/yourbrandname

2. Add your brand name. Redeem your Giftogram from [Company Name]

3. Provide a background image: 1280 × 853px:

4. Provide a horizontal banner size: 1280 × 213px:


Note: All customizations are optional and not a requirement when setting up your Giftogram campaign. Please speak to your account manager to create a custom redemption storefront. 

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