Current exchange rates

Giftogram uses the most current exchange rates to calculate your international purchases. All funds deposited in USD can be used to purchase gifts in your selected currency.

Giftogram updates our exchange rates on the first of every month.  

You can calculate the most current exchange rate for your international purchase by viewing the current rates below:

Rates (based on $1 USD):

Name Cur. Rate
Canadian Dollar (CAD) CA$1.39
Indian Rupee (INR) ₹83.32
Euro (EUR) €0.95
British Pound (GBP) £0.82
Australian Dollar (AUD) A$1.58
Polish Zloty (PLN) PLN 4.24
Swedish Krona (SEK) SEK 11.23

Questions about how much to deposit? Our team is happy to assist. Start a chat below or call us at (973) 887-1600.