How to use campaigns

Campaigns make it easy to reorder gifts you’ve already created for specific holidays, events, or rewards as well as send gifts automatically for more personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and enrollments

There are two different types of campaigns you can create, a Standard Campaign or a  Smart Campaign

Standard Campaigns:

Save the settings you use most often to keep your company’s gifting organized.  Examples include:

  • Employee spot rewards programs
  • "Thank You" gifts for new customers
  • Holiday gifts for employees
  • Welcome gift for new employees

Using a standard campaign you can select your gift’s dollar value, catalog, message, design, and everything else you’d like to be consistent for all gifts sent from this campaign. You can leave your campaigns as open as you’d like to allow sending users to select their own options or narrow down the selection to a few key designs and denominations for more control. Learn how to create a standard campaign here

Smart Campaigns:

Smart campaigns allow you to automate your gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries, new enrollments, monthly lunch treats, and any gifting opportunity that happens on a specific date can be automated using smart campaigns. Once your smart campaign is created it will automatically schedule gifts when directed and pull funds from your Giftogram balance as needed. Learn how to create a Smart Campaign here