Creating recipient groups

Creating groups allows you to send gifts to specific groups of people without sending to all of the company recipients in your account

You can save recipients in your Giftogram account for continued or automated gifting and create separate groups to help neatly organize all your account's recipients by recipient type, gifting reason, department, location, years of service, or whatever else you'd like. Creating groups allows you to send gifts to specific groups of people without sending to all of your company recipients in your account. 

Creating Groups

To create a new group select Recipients up at the top then Groups from the dropdown menu. You'll have one group of recipients in your account to get started, All Company Recipients. This group will contain all recipients you've uploaded into your account. 

To create a separate group click the blue Create Group button on the right hand side of this page. Just name your new group, hit Create Group and you're all set. 

Creating a group:

Adding Recipients to Groups

You can add recipients to specific groups in your Recipients menu a few different ways.

  • Add recipients already in your account to specific groups individually by finding them in your recipients list and selecting Options then Add to Group to the right of their recipient details.  
  • You can select multiple recipients at a time by checking the box before their name in the recipients menu and selecting the Options button above or below your recipient list then Add to Group
  • You can add recipients to groups while importing a list of your recipients by selecting the group you'd like to add them to from the dropdown menu on the import page. 

Adding recipients to a group:

Once your recipients are in their own groups you'll be able to select to send to a specific group either on the checkout screen or in your campaign settings.