How long will it take to for my digital Giftograms to send after I submit my order?

Learn about send times and what your delivery status means

About send times:
If you select Send Now during normal business hours, your order will be released in 2 hours.  You can check the status of your order by going to History > Order History > Digital Orders, from the top nav or click here.  Once in your order history, you'll see our delivery states:

In Review - For your security, our customer success team reviews all outgoing orders. This process may take up to an hour and is only conducted during business hours.
Pending -Your order has been approved by our team and is queued for delivery at your scheduled time.
Delivered - Your order has been sent to the recipient and we've received confirmation from their mail server that it has been delivered.
Bounced - Your order was undeliverable to the provided email address. Your account has been refunded for this order.

Smart Campaigns:

If your gifts are being delivered via a smart campaign, recipients can expect their gift by 9AM in your account's selected time zone.  Make sure your account is funded to avoid delays in delivery. 

Digital order history statuses:


 *Verbal verification may be required for new accounts, we will reach out if this is required.

Please note that orders are verified Monday-Friday from 7AM - 8PM EST.  Orders placed over the weekend will not be verified until 7AM the following Monday. 

If you need your order out in a hurry, please contact us here or call (973) 887-1600 to expedite it.