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Sending a digital Giftogram

See how easy it is to send a digital Giftogram from your account in less than 5 minutes.

Tutorial video:

Step-by-step instructions: 

1. To get started, log in to your account and click on Create and Send from the upper navigation. Select the campaign for your send and choose a Giftogram design. 


2. Next, make sure "Email" is selected for digital delivery. Choose the currency, catalog (for example "All Retailers"), and denomination for your send. You also have the option to customize the Giftogram artwork if you’d like to. 

3. When ready, click continue and you’ll be prompted to select your recipients.  You can send your Giftogram to individuals, a saved group, or an uploaded list. 

  • Send to individuals: This option allows you to enter your recipients' names and email addresses one at a time on the checkout screen.
  • Send to a saved group: This option allows you to select a pre-existing group of recipients in your account. 
  • Send to an uploaded list: This option allows you to upload a .csv or .xls file. The .csv file only requires a column for email addresses and a header row. If needed, include a separate row for denominations. Download the template here.

4. Next, select a sender name, and add a message (up to 5000 characters) if you’d like to personalize your gift. 

5. Choose whether you’d like to send gifts using funds already in your account or charge your gifts to a saved credit card in your account. You can also add a credit card at checkout and opt whether or not you’d like to save it for future transactions. 

6. Schedule your gifts. Select "Send Today" to schedule your gifts for same-day delivery (Gifts will send within 2 hours of completing your order or select "Schedule" to schedule your gifts for a future date and time.

Once you’ve reviewed your details, hit "Send Giftogram" and you’re done!