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Sending a digital Giftogram

See how easy it is to send a digital Giftogram from your account in less than 5 minutes.

Tutorial video:

Step by step instructions: 

Go to Create and Send on the upper left hand side of your account. Select or edit one of our available designs or upload a completely custom design of your own. 

Next select your recipients: 

  • Send to individuals: This option allows you to enter in your recipients names and email addresses one at a time on the checkout screen.

  • Send to a saved group of Recipients: This option allows you to select an existing group of recipients in your account.

  • Send to an uploaded list of Recipients at the Checkout Screen: This option allows you to upload a .csv file. The .csv file only requires a column for email addresses and a header row. If needed, include a separate row for denominations.

Adding individual recipients:

Select gift card denomination

  1. Enter the desired amount of the gift cards you are sending to your recipients. 
  2. Click the blue Continue button to access the checkout screen. 
  3. See Recipient Details to the top right and enter your recipients as you previously selected on the previous screen. 

Create and save custom messages

You can create and save messages for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, spot awards, and any other occasion you’d like to celebrate to help make ordering a breeze. 

Once saved, you can select any saved messages in your account on the checkout screen or in your campaign settings to apply them to your Giftograms.

  1. Go to the checkout screen and enter your message in the Sender & Message field.
  2. Check the box to save your message before checkout. Once you name your message so you can easily reference it in the future, it will save the moment you complete your order. 

Choose payment method

Choose whether you’d like to send gifts using funds already in your account or charge your gifts to a saved credit card in your account. You can also choose to add a credit card at checkout and opt whether or not you’d like to save it for future transactions. 

Send your gifts 

Choose from one of two ways to send your gifts:
1. Select Send Today to schedule your gifts for same-day delivery (Gifts will send within 2 hours of completing your order)
2. Select Schedule to schedule your gifts for a future date and time by choosing the date and time you’d like recipients to receive their gifts
Once you’ve reviewed your details, hit Send Giftogram and you’re done!