Limiting your recipient's gift card selection (catalogs explained)

Limit what gift cards your recipients can select by updating your campaign's catalog to your specific theme

By default, your recipients will be able to choose from any gift card retailer available in our catalog. 

If you prefer to limit the options to only a few gift cards, or only gift cards in a certain theme (think food, entertainment, travel, etc.), you can edit your campaign to include additional catalogs.

How to add new catalogs to your campaign:

1. Go to your campaigns page and add a new campaign or edit an existing one. 

2. Next, navigate to the "Gift Cards" setting and check the catalogs you would like to include.

3. Once added, select the catalog at check out from the item detail screen by clicking on "Change" next to the catalog name:

4. A pop-up will appear to change the catalog. Select the catalog for your order.

5. Your recipients will only see the gift card options within the catalog selected.

(Example below is Restaurants Only)

If you'd like to create your own custom catalog, please contact us and we'll add it to your account.