Automating your Giftograms for milestone anniversaries (smart campaigns)

Create a smart campaign to celebrate milestone anniversaries with your employees and customers

Celebrate big employee and customer anniversaries with a gift that represents the milestone year. For example, your company may celebrate 5 years with the company, or 10, or even 20! Gift amounts, messages, and even artwork may change with the years of service. Stay organized and make sure you celebrate all the big milestones appropriately using this feature.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. To get started, create a new smart campaign from the Campaigns page from your account:


2. Next, name your campaign and select the duration (has an end date or runs indefinitely): 


3. Next, select the key date for the gift to be sent as well as the frequency.  In this example, we are sending a gift for a 5-year work anniversary.  The key date is "Hire Date" and the frequency is once every 5 years:


Note: If you are running two Smart Campaigns using the same key date, the Milestone campaign will supersede the annual campaign, meaning the recipient will only receive the Milestone gift on that key date. 

4. Select the gift amount, what currency (USD, CAD, EURO, etc), and what catalog recipients will receive (For example, All Retailers, Restaurants Only, Coffee Only, etc.):


5. Next, select the design for your Giftogram and a message. This is what recipients will see in their inboxes:


6. Next, select the group of recipients for your smart campaign. If you are using milestone years it is required to include the year in your recipient's key date property.  This would mean the key date format would look like this: MM/DD/YYYY

If the year is not included, you will see the message below letting you know some of your recipients' key dates need to be updated to include the year. 


5. Lastly, confirm the billing details and click "Create Campaign":

Once your smart campaign is created it will automatically schedule gifts when directed and pull funds from your Giftogram balance as needed. 

Note: You will need to renew Smart Campaigns annually.