Creating your own custom Giftogram design

With Giftogram, you have the option of starting with one of our pre-made designs for your occasion OR creating your own design from scratch

If you decide to create your own Giftogram design, you can either upload a completed design using the templates found on our website in design software like Photoshop or Illustrator OR uploading all of your individual elements and creating a design using our drag and drop card builder.

Tutorial video:

Step by step instructions:

First login into your account and go to Create & Send from the main nav. Click on "Create Design" in the upper right to get started. 


Next, upload your assets. These could be elements like the background image, your logo, or custom text or images. We accept .jpeg, .svg, .ai, .png or .pdf files. 

Once your assets are uploaded, click on them to add them to the canvas. You can move and scale until your card design is complete.

If you are ordering physical cards, click on the greeting card thumbnail to edit that element as well. 

Once you are happy with your design, name it in the upper left, and click "Save Changes".

Then click "Return to Product" to place your order.

Once you've returned to the product screen, make the selections for your order, and that's it! 

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