Automating your Giftograms for birthdays and anniversaries (smart campaigns)

Use smart campaigns to automatically trigger gifts on key dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and big company milestones via digital delivery.

Some examples of smart campaigns may include:

- Employee birthdays
- Work anniversaries (annually as well as milestone years like 5 years, 10 years, etc.)
- Service anniversaries

Step by Step Instructions:

To get started visit and click "Create Campaign" in the upper right:

Select "Smart Campaign" on the next screen:


1. Name the campaign and set the frequency of gifts:

Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the general details of your Smart Campaign, including its name, the key date for the automatic gift to go out, and the frequency of the gifts (annually, every five years, ten years, etc.). To see how to set up a Milestone Gifting Campaign specifically, click here

In this example, we're setting up an annual birthday gift for employees: 


The automation trigger will be "Key Date":

*NOTE: By default, all new smart campaigns will require admin approval before gifts are sent. This means that if a gift is in the queue to be sent, you and your team admin will receive an email notifying you that the admin must approve the order. These approvals can be found in your team's approval queue. If you do not require approval, disable this feature:

2. Select the gift details:

Select the gift amount, what region (U.S. or Canada), and what catalog recipients will receive (For example, All Retailers, Restaurants Only, Coffee Only, etc.):

3. Select your Brand Kit:

Brand kits let you configure custom logos, colors, senders, and messaging for your campaigns.

4. Select your Giftogram Design:

5. Decide who will receive the gifts:

Next, select the group of recipients for your smart campaign:


5. Lastly, confirm the billing details and click "Create Campaign":

Once your Smart Campaign is created, it will automatically schedule gifts when directed and pull funds from your Giftogram balance as needed. 

Note: You will need to renew Smart Campaigns annually regardless of your chosen end date.