Importing recipients to your account from a CSV file

Upload a CSV file of contacts to your account to easily add or update recipients in bulk

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Download the sample spreadsheet provided on the Import Recipients page within your account. This sample file will provide the format needed to import your data correctly. 


2. Open the file and add your data under the correct header columns:

Note: These columns will match the specific recipient properties you have set up in your account.  Make sure to include a year in your dates if sending a Smart Campaign based on milestone years (for example 5 year anniversaries). 

3. Save your file and import it. Upload your file to begin importing. 

Import CSV

4. Once imported check the column headings and adjust them if necessary:


At this point, you may also decide to add these recipients to an existing group OR synch them to your existing database. If you synch the contacts, it will update your existing data and deactivate any contacts that are not in this import. 


5. Complete import. Once completed, your recipients will be added to the Recipients section of your account.