Personalizing your Giftogram emails

Upload your logo, define your brand color, change your sender name, and include the recipient's name in your message for a personalized gift

Giftogram is all about personalization.  We offer a number of ways to add personality to your digital gifts including:

Uploading a logo

Adding your brand's color to the buttons and background

Changing your sender name

Personalizing the email with your recipient's name

Upload your logo:

Upload your company's logo in the Brand Settings section in your Giftogram dashboard. Simply drag-n-drop your logo and it will be placed at the top of your Giftograms that are sent digitally.


Customize the email with your brand color:

Also in Brand Settings, you can define your brand color. This will update the background and primary color of the Giftogram email template with your brand's color for one-of-a-kind personalization.


Change your sender name:

Once you've chose a design for your send, you'll be prompted to complete the check-out steps.  It's at this point, you can select or create a new sender name. 

Personalize the message with the recipient's name:

In order to use this feature, your one-time list or saved recipients will need to include the name in your data.  While in check out, select to include a message and click "Personalize" to add a variable name.