Creating a standard campaign

Stay organized by defining the settings used most in your gifting with a standard campaign

All Giftogram accounts come with a Default Campaign already available. This campaign is completely open allowing for quick gifting of any type for any occasion. 

If you’d like to create a more specific campaign (think limited gift card catalog, new country, custom settings), you’ll need to create a new one.

How to create a standard campaign:

1. To create a new campaign go to your Campaigns menu up at the top of your account and hit the blue Create Campaign button on the right hand side. Select "Standard Campaign"

2. Make your selections on the following screen including: Campaign Name,  Giftogram Type (digital or physical), the region, the gift card catalog and the denomination:


3. Next, select your sender name, Giftogram message and the design.  Note that none of this has to be pre-determined, and can be left blank. 

4. Select which recipients will be getting your gifts from your saved groups and make additional permissions selections: 


5. Lastly, select the billing method for this campaign and select "Create Campaign: