Pre-funding your account vs. paying at check out

You may find it easier to pre-fund your account if you prefer a single transaction vs. many smaller transactions for individual orders but you can also pay at check out if preferred

Pre-funding your account is a great option if you are not sure on the total number of gifts you'll be sending each month. It's also necessary for smart campaigns or if you are the administrator for other team members sending gifts.  

Pre-funding your account via credit card or ACH/Wire will require additional time for approval before you place your order.  Funds must arrive in the account before you can check out. 

Another option for individual, one-off orders is to pay at the point of purchase. This is simply done, by creating your order and selecting your payment method (or adding a new one) at the point of purchase. While there is still a delay of two hours for orders sent the same-day, you will not have to wait for your funds to arrive before scheduling your order. 

Paying with a credit card at the point of purchase: