Updating your account's currency and catalog settings

Add additional currencies and catalogs to your account for international gifting

All Giftogram account admins can add and remove currencies and catalogs based on your company's gifting needs. If you send gifts in multiple currencies, make sure your account is configured correctly by visiting the Admin Settings page within your account. 

In your Admin Settings, navigate to Currency Settings and add or remove any currencies and catalogs you'd like:

Once you've enabled the currencies in your account, make sure to edit the settings of your gifting campaign to include them as well. To add currencies to your campaign visit the campaigns page from your dashboard, find the campaign you'd like to edit, and add the currencies within the settings. 
You will now be able to send to multiple countries from one campaign.
selectacurrencyQuestions about adding international currencies? Contact our team via email (hello@giftogram.com), chat, or phone (973-887-1600) and we'll be happy to assist!