Re-sending a digital Giftogram

Resend a Giftogram within 60 days of the original order if there's a bounce or if your recipient's email address has changed

You can resend both bounced Giftograms and delivered Giftograms in your account. 

Resending a Giftogram:

First things first, head over to your Digital Order History page for a full list of all digital orders sent.

If you're looking to resend a gift to a specific recipient you can enter their name or email in the "Search order history" field and any orders with gifts to that person will pop up.

If you need to only view orders with bounced gifts you can filter by order status by clicking on "more filters" then "Filter by order status". 

Once you've found the specific order with the gift that needs to be resent click "View Order" to the right or the listed order. 

Once inside the order detail page, find the specific email and click the drop down to select "Resend":

Next, simply enter the new email address if needed for your gift:

For assistance redeeming their Giftograms, please direct your recipients to