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Inviting users to your account

Share your gifting and reporting capabilities with other members of your team by inviting new users to your account

Adding users to your Giftogram account allows you to let other members of your team or company send Giftograms through one centralized company account. 

How to add a new user to your account: 

Step by step instructions:

To invite users, navigate to your settings and click on "Manage Users":

Next, click on "Invite Users" and enter an email address and select a role. Click "Add" to lock in your selection before you click "Invite Users".

Note: You also have the option of generating an invite link rather than entering an email address.

Once you've invited additional users, you'll see the status of their invite on screen:

User role types:

When you do invite users to the account you’ll be able to select their permission levels:

Team Admins - These users will be able to do just about everything in the account, edit campaign settings, add and edit recipients, manage other users and teams, add and change payment options, and obviously send gifts but they won’t be able to access specific overarching account settings like Company Information or Admin Settings in your account. 

Gift Only - These users will only be able to send gifts from predefined campaigns with existing funds or predetermined saved cards to the account. 

Team Reports Only - This user will be able to come into the account and download order history and funding reports from the account but will not be able to send gifts to recipients on their own.