Viewing your digital order history

All digital Giftograms sent within the same transaction are grouped together in one single order

Giftogram orders are organized by transaction. This means all of the Giftogram emails sent under a single order will be grouped together. 

View order details, delivery statuses, and download a single invoice for one send.

Here's how:

First head over to your dashboard and click on History > Order History > Digital Orders

On the Digital Orders page, you'll find each order as well as the number of emails sent under that single order.

The status listed on this page will show the overall status of that single order.

If you click "View Order" next to any order, you can see all of the emails sent under that single order and view their individual statuses as well as cancel, resend, or download a receipt for the entire order:

Recipient Details

To download an invoice/receipt for your order, click the blue button in the upper right of the order detail page:


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