Finding your order status and tracking

Check the status of your orders anytime by viewing your order history

To check the status of your physical order, simply visit History > Order History > Physical Orders or click here.  Find the order and click "View Order" to the right of it.  

You will see that your order is:

Processing: Order is received and in line to be produced. 

Shipped: Your order is in the way! 

Delivered: Your order has reached its destination according to the tracking information provided by the carrier. 

Cancelled: Order has been cancelled. 

Checking your physical order status:

If you're Giftograms have shipped, you'll receive an email letting you know they are on the way with a quick link to your tracking information. 

To get to tracking on an order, first log in to your account. 

Find the order you would like to track in your order history and click "View Order" to the right of it. From the order detail page, you'll see the status of your order along with tracking information from the carrier.